It’s safe to say that no airline is perfect. We’ve never flown on an airline where the price was exceptionable, as was the food and service. We’ve never flown Emirates, mind you, but we’ve also never flown Air Koryo, which was recently named the worst airline in the world by UK-based SkyTrax consultancy agency for the fourth year in a row. And it’s easy to see why.

worst airline Air Koryo

According to SkyTrax reviews, when flying Air Koryo, the food is terrible, photos are not allowed, and North Korean propaganda was supposedly handed out to passengers. One reviewer even said that at one point, the plane was on autopilot. “I was fairly disappointed by the service however was amused when both pilots came around to say hello to the dignitaries with me presumably leaving the aircraft on autopilot anyway!”

But of course, not everyone feels these sentiments. “It’s a bit of a giggle, actually. They are clearly not the world’s worst airline,”  Simon Cockerell, of the Koryo Group, a Beijing-based travel agency that specializes in North Korea told the Associated Press.

Patrick Smith, an airline pilot and author of the Ask The Pilot blog, agreed. “Everything about North Korea is seen as a kind of running joke, so we should probably expect that its airline is seen this way too, right or wrong,” he said, noting he has never flown with the airline. “Some of the world’s best and safest airlines are carriers the average American has never heard of.”

Again, we’ve ever flown Air Koryo, but it is important to note that when you are flying to different countries, you’re going to experience things you aren’t used to… it could be the food, it could be the language.

Head over the Associated Press to read more.

Have you flown Air Koryo?



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