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If you’re an American male who prescribes to the social construction of gender difference — sorry, that’s just my liberal arts education talking — chances are you’ll be watching Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday evening. Hey, you might even crush a few beer cans on your forehead as football fanatics are wont to do. That will really impress the ladies!

We here at Travel Freak care more about the gluttonous beer and food consumption associated with the Super Bowl than the game itself, and it just so happens that this year’s host city is known for a dish that is perfectly suited for a gluttonous party spread. If you’ve ever wondered what people in Indianapolis eat (and really, who hasn’t?), then today’s your lucky day. Allow me to formally introduce your love handles to the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich.

According to the beacon of journalistic integrity known as the Denver Post, the sandwich has been a part of the Indianapolis culinary scene since 1904 when a street vendor invented it in an homage to breaded schnitzel. We don’t quite understand the thought process behind that decision, but we do know that Hoosiers are obsessed with this simple combination of deep fried pork and a kaiser roll. And like the obesity epidemic that the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich has undoubtedly sponsored, its popularity is spreading — it can be found in restaurants all over Illinois and Iowa as well.

If you want want to spice up your Super Bowl party with some Indianapolis flare, the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich is pretty much your only option (learn how to make it here). The only other thing Indianapolis is known for is the Indy 500 and let’s be real, anything NASCAR adjacent is nothing to celebrate.

Oh, and since we are headquartered in New York I am contractually obligated to end this post with GO GIANTS and at least four exclamation points!!!!!

Photo by: J.C. Reid, Texas | Food and travel writing

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