And the bidding will start at $800,000 for the abandoned Connecticut town for sale. This is not a drill. Johnsonville, Connecticut is one of those New England towns that are so quaint, the probability of you smelling homemade pie while seeing a 10 year old kid fishing over a bridge built in 1896, will skyrocket just by being within ten minutes of the vicinity. This is the type of town that you might miss if you looked down at your map for just a second, and it can be all yours for a small fee of $800,000.

For some reason, Johnsonville can’t seem to keep its settlers, well settled, and throughout its history, the town has been abandoned on multiple occasions. After 20 years of its most recent break up with its peeps, someone has finally decided Johnsonville may be better off in the hands of another. The town along the Moodus River was once a thriving mill hamlet in Connecticut, but then the Internet was created and everything went to Hell.

For real though, the charming town is right out of a movie, but it’s property is going to waste just sitting there all pretty. The hope is that whoever wins the auction, will redevelop the town into a thriving New England town yet again. So the chances are you will see a Mohegan Sun right where the general store used to be before you know it…

If you are interested in buying a small Connecticut town this weekend, Johnsonville might just be the one for you!

Johnsonville CT for Abandoned CT Town

Johnsonville, CT Post Office


Are you in the market for an abandoned town?


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