There are so many reasons that Europeans are cooler than the rest of the world, but one of my favorite things about their cultures is their obsession with open air markets. Don’t get me wrong, the markets are dingy, dirty, and at times downright gross, but for some reason those Europeans really tricked me into thinking all the crap they sell is more authentic than the products in places that actually have a roof and can’t be rolled away at night.

Regardless, I spent most of my money on things I will never really need at multiple open air markets throughout Europe, and you know what? I am alright with that. Open air markets are less about the buying and more about the experience. Where else are you going to eat unidentifiable meat on a stick in your right hand while using your left middle finger to haggle for a leather purse?  If you do that in America you are considered trashy and fat. I am telling you, Europeans know what they are doing in life. Here is a mixed list of noteworthy food, flea, and goods open air markets in Europe.

Great Market Hall
Budapest, Hungary

The Great Market Hall Budapest Hungary

The Great Market Hall in Budapest is one of the most interesting markets around. It is not exactly an open air market – instead, it is a beautiful large warehouse-type building where vendors set up their kiosks. The market is mostly made up of stationary food vendors who sell Hungarian delicacies from strings of paprika and garlic to sausages, goulash, and sinful pasties. There are other vendors who move in and out of the market who sell Hungarian dolls and other souvenirs. The one Hungarian souvenir I could not figure out was the painted egg. If anyone understands that one, please enlighten me. One thing that makes the Hungarian market different is that they have days dedicated to featuring foods from other cultures.

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