Spring break is finally here! Time to whip out the bathing suits and sun tan lotion, and not think about school for one whole week (or two if you’re one of those lucky kids). If you haven’t yet decided where you will be traveling this break, make sure you check out our 8 top destinations to avoid before booking any flights or hotels.

1. Detroit, Michigan

detroit abandoned house

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The population of this ex-automotive center has dwindled 60% between 1950 and 2010. This decline has left the city with thousands of empty homes and businesses. Unless you’re planning on doing a field study on urban decay and displacement, Motown is probably not the place to spend this Spring Break.

2. Sochi

sochi winter olympics

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If you’re hoping to hang out with some hot athletes this break, too bad. The Olympics are over  and the only place to show off your beach body is in the Black Sea.

3. New Jersey

new jersey pothole

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It’s nickname is “the armpit of America.” Need I say more?

4. Antarctica

antarctica spring break ship

(Photo via lauren farmer)

If you’re looking to go on a cruise this break and work on your tan, Antarctica is probably not the best place to do so. The continent has a record low temperature of -89 and a permanent human resident population of zero.

6. St. Helena

st helena jamestown

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Interested in the island volcanic site where Napoleon I was exiled, and remains today one of the most isolated islands in the world? To make the destination especially remote, there is no nearby airport and the only way to get off the island is via container ships from South Africa, which come and go once every three months.

7. Carhenge (Alliance, NE)

carhenge nebraska

If you can’t make it across the Atlantic to Stonehenge in England, Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska is a lovely substitute. Bonus: It’s in the middle of farmland with absolutely nothing in the near surroundings.

(Photo via tumblr)

Where will you go this spring break?

Tucker is a junior at Fordham University studying Political Science and Art History. He enjoys food, historical nonfiction, and Netflix marathons.


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