In the land down under, there is plenty of countryside to see, but this week, Travel Freak is focused on Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Melbourne is the city to see in Australia. Between its sites, the water and its multicultural population, Melbourne is the type of city that just can’t be a let down. All Australian references aside, Travel Freak has done our research and put together the best guide on how to spend 7 nights in one of the greatest cities in Australia!

Sunday: Pure South Dining

3 Southgate Ave.

Pure South Dining for 7 Nights in Melbourne.jpg[via]

Start the week in Melbourne with a little seafood. Melbourne is located on the water, so you just know the seafood will be top notch. Try Pure South Dining where the menus are created with local food made by small producers. The menus change by season, so you know you will always be in store for the best type of meal.

Monday: Bomba.

103 Lonsdale St.

Bomba Restaurant for 7 Nights in Melbourne.jpg[via]

Well if you enjoy tapas, than Bomba. is a place you will love. Kick back and relax Australian style on a rooftop bar with some of the best drinks and food in Melbourne. Bomba. is a fun atmosphere with affordable Spanish inspired food and wines. There is nothing like a cultural experience, especially on a roof overlooking a stunning city!

Tuesday: Coda

Basement 141 Flinders Lane

Coda for 7 Nights in Melbourne.jpg[via]

A bit pricier, but do not be mistaken, Coda is worth every penny. While some may say price does not determine the quality of food, Coda has been heralded some of the best food in Melbourne. Their food is considered “modern Australian”, which accounts for how diverse the menu is.

Wednesday: China Red

Shop 6,206 Bourke St.

China Red for 7 Nights in Melbourne.jpg[via]

We told you Melbourne is known for its array of cultures, which means all the more cultural food! Specifically Melbourne is known for its Asian population bringing us to our next order of business: dumplings. Asian dumplings seem to be a go-to food for the people of Melbourne, so we needed to add a place that specializes in dumplings to the list. China Red is a restaurant that makes dumplings shaped as marine animals and the ordering is by touch screen at each table. An experience to remember… mostly for the marine animal dumplings.

Thursday: Montalto Vineyard & Olive Grove

33 Shoreham Rd, Red Hill South

Montalto Vineyard for 7 Nights in Melbourne.jpg[via]

Ok, we have to admit, this may be a bit out of the way, but you can’t very well go to Melbourne without trying out one of the nearby Vineyards. Montalto is the perfect place for a tasting and a bite to eat. Whether you are in the mood to sit down and eat a full meal or just have a large snack and the cafe,  you will be in for a refreshing time in a beautiful setting.  However, if you want to go for a day outing, you can easily manage a scooter there as well.

Friday: The Boatbuilders Yard

23 South Wharf Promenade

The Boatbuilders Yard for 7 Nights in Melbourne.jpg[via]

If you haven’t caught on to our guides yet, Friday nights are for beer, which means we could only send you to Melbourne’s award winning beer hall The Boatbuilders Yard. This beer garden has indoor and outdoor seating, but if you are a traveler you will probably want to sit outside for the incredible views this venue offers. The drinks list is never ending and the food is top-notch also!

Saturday: Seven Nightclub

52 Albert Rd.

Seven for 7 Nights in Melbourne.jpg[via]

We still have yet to figure out why all popular places for young people to convene are named for numbers, but alas, Seven has made the list of places to be, even if we do so begrudgingly. Reviews and ratings only point to this being one of the hottest underground nightclubs in Melbourne, so check it out and let us know. Their vague description tells us, “We do clubbing the way it is supposed to be done. And we do it better than most.” We will let you be the judge of that…

So, Melbourne anyone?


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