Camping used be to a primal experience that tested endurance and ability to withstand discomfort. However, today’s new camping gear puts this idea on its head, with technologies that allow you to stay safe, comfortable and connected to civilization. Although the purpose of camping is to escape everyday life and enjoy nature, bringing along a few helpful tools will make things a little easier—giving you more time to spend in the great outdoors.

Six Camping Trip Lifesavers You Don't Want to Go Without (1)

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Squeeze Water Filter System

Never worry about running out of fresh water on the trail again. With this squeeze-type filtration system, you can stop at any river or stream and fill up the container, squeeze the water through the filter and fill up your bottle with safe, clean water. It also allows drinking straight from the squeeze container. The filter can be used hundreds of times and protects against e-coli, salmonella typhi, vibrio cholerae and protozoa.

Solar Charger

Having a way to charge your devices while camping is no longer considered a luxury; it’s a necessity. Fortunately, there are a number of charging devices available that rely solely on the power of the sun to get your electronic device up and running again. Some of these pack a photovoltaic panel in a small suitcase-sized carrier to provide plenty of power for any camping need.

Light Sensor Head Lamp

You can make those emergency nighttime camping chores easier with a headlamp that includes a sensing capability to provide the right amount of light for your needs. The headlamp provides hands-free operation so that you can attend to tasks easily and quickly.

Two Way Radio

Although we now have the luxury of cell phones, many camping areas don’t have a strong signal to make calls. This is why a two-way radio can be a lifesaving piece of equipment when you wander out of cell phone range. The professionals of My Radio Mall who specialize in Motorola radios suggest that you always pack two way radios in order to stay in touch with your group, and for extra safety if someone becomes injured.

Digital Multi-Function Pocket Tool

The simple Swiss knife, multi-function pocket tool has come a long way since its simple origins. Today, you can find these pocket tools with digital functions, such as an alarm clock and LED light. The altimeter, thermometer, and barometer help to keep you informed of changing conditions in your environment.

Electronic Survival Tablet

For the ultimate in camping convenience, try a survival tablet loaded with all the features the smart camper will need. With GPS, compass, AM/FM/SW/LW radio, solar charging and an e-ink screen to preserve battery power, this device has everything you need for your trip.

New technologies have changed the camping experience, making it safer, more convenient and more comfortable. With these six items, you will be ready for any camping eventuality. Some campers prefer to keep things simple and escape the world of electronics and gadgets. While this is part of the beauty of camping, it is also smart to take advantage of the conveniences that technology offers—especially if it means a safer, more equipped camping trip for your crew.

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What is your camping lifesaver?

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