Learning about the specific type of beer served at Oktoberfest yesterday got me so excited about the glutinous festival that I had to discover more about the items I’d consume if I were to cave and buy a ticket to Munich for this weekend. What I discovered in my research is that Bavaria is a weird place and their delicacies prove it. Of course, not every traditional Oktoberfest menu item is disgusting — warm pretzels with cheese, mustardy bratwursts, and sugared almonds all sound pretty tasty — but there are some foods at Oktoberfest that I would only try in the deepest of beer-induced blackouts. They are as follows:

Wurstsalat  Meat Salad

via essen-und-trinken

Wurstsalat is a tricky little side dish that disguises itself as a tasty noodle salad. But those aren’t noodles — they’re slices of bologna cut to look like noodles, then mixed with sugar, vinegar, mayonnaise and pickles to make a creamy, meaty gut-buster. Really, why wouldn’t you just pick the potato salad?

Despite my aversion to the idea of bologna noodles in tangy mayonnaise sauce, wurstsalat is not the grossest item on the Oktoberfest spread. Click through the pages below and I assure you, the “wurst” is yet to come.

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