For the most part I consider building showy, large-scale architecture around the world to be one big game to see which nation would have the biggest anthropomorphic penis: “See my perfectly shaped, 3,000 foot skyscraper? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Okay now whip yours out, bro.” But despite this male obsession with spending billions on superfluous symbolic schlongs, I suppose they do make for interesting attractions for travelers when all of the context is disregarded. So I can’t really complain.

Watch this video to take a peek at five current mega construction projects in the world, some of which are far closer to completion than others. They include a startlingly high skyscraper in Saudi Arabia that I will never ascend, a glorified Las Vegas Strip within the city of Dubai, a phallic tower in the heart of Shanghai, a (proposed) futuristic circus tent-like thing in Moscow, and everyone’s favorite soon-to-be-completed symbol of America in New York City:

World's 5 Mega Construction Projects

Looking forward to these future tourist attractions?

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