Bavaria is the southern most region of Germany. It’s known for it’s capital city, Munich, it’s dramatic and historic castles, and for it’s breathtaking countryside from deep forests, to bright blue lakes, to the rolling foothills of the Alps… but, you guessed it, that’s not all. Bavaria is arguably Germany’s most famous food region and no one need question why. You’ll certainly recognize some of the Bavarian classics on this list because over the years the word and recipes have spread and they’ve become international favorite foods, but there is truly nothing like the original. After my recent exploration of the area, and it’s cuisine, I’ve narrowed down to my top five. These are the foods you absolutely must try when you visit Bavaria, Germany.

  1. Pretzels

Not just pretzels though… enormous, warm, doughy pretzels of wonder. Where to get them? Literally every single place. Markets, street vendors, nice restaurants, wherever you are, there are also pretzels.


Photo via Sarah Freeman

2. Bratwurst

Best served hot off the grill, in a simple roll or cut up and drowned in the popular curry sauce. Can’t be beat.


Photo via Flickr/barockschloss

3. Obazda

Two parts soft cheeses and one part butter, with a bit of beer and lots of seasonings, obazda is the cheesy dip you’ve spent your whole life waiting for.


Photo via Sarah Freeman

4. Strudel

Most often filled with sweetly seasoned apples, it’s easy to eat strudel every day you spend in Bavaria.


Photo via Sarah Freeman

5. Suckling Pig

With a crispy skin, savory beer sauce and a giant potato dumpling on the side. Falls right off the bone every time.


Photo via Sarah Freeman

What do you want to eat in Bavaria?



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