Any good traveler knows about late-night dining. That’s why we were so interested to see announcing their Top 100 Late Night Dining Restaurants. We can’t say that we agree with all of them — for example, we’ve never seriously enjoyed a late-night meal at B.B. King’s Blues Club here in NYC, and OpenTable includes five B.B. King’s locations throughout the nation. Maybe it’s the best late-night place in Nashville, but we’ll be pretty amazed if the Las Vegas franchise is that impressive. Still, we’ll give it a try… someday. We certainly see a few restaurants listed which are near and dear to our own late-night hungry hearts, so here’s our personal endorsement of five OpenTable recommendations covering all corners of this great country. Check out these great options for late (but not 24-hour) eating:

do // Atlanta, Georgia

Do (Atlanta, GA)

That’s “do” pronounced like “dough,” and you’ll be saying “D’oh!” if you’re ever in Atlanta and miss out on this place. Let’s first note that the pizza is great. That’s important, since you’ll feel like you’re entering some kind of theme restaurant when you first go inside. The place is full of video screens, and you’ll even be ordering your meal from an iPad. You can still bring Grandma, though, because do keeps waiters nearby to help the technology-challenged. The crab cake pizza is just as amazing as the tapas and intoxicating atmosphere — and, as advertised, the place is open until 1 am on Thursday, and 2 am on weekends.

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