It’s officially summer, and while the sun might be shining, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to get out of town… fast. If you’re planning a great escape for this summer, we have compiled some tips to get you started. No matter the length of your trip or even then destination, it’s important to get the most bang for your buck. Vacations and travel don’t come cheap, but with some proper strategies you could potentially save cash, and spend more time relaxing. Nothing is worse than that feeling of needing a vacation after a vacation, right? Hopefully these summer travel tips will help you bounce right back. But we can’t promise you won’t have a case of the post-vacation blues!

1. Know When to Buy

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By now we are probably all aware that airlines love to rip us off. At least it always feels that way, right? One day the price is up, next it’s down, your friend got the same exact ticket but for less. What gives? Apparently, timing is a huge part of purchasing a ticket at its lowest price. You should aim for booking your flight approximately 4-6 weeks before your preferred date of travel. Prices rise 8-10 weeks before the travel date and at 2-3 weeks as well.

2. Go Online and Save

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Even though hotels are your best bet when traveling, they tend to get a bit pricey, and while hostels are great for keeping your trip within your budget, let’s be real, they can get dodgy. Sharing your room with 20 other backpackers isn’t fun no matter how much “camaraderie” your parents tell you there will be. This time around, try online vacation rental websites such as or These websites afford fast and secure ways to find available rentals for cheap in the destination of your choice without having to share! We promise it isn’t as creepy as craigslist, too.

3. Stay Local

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While it would be nice to set off to Turks and Caicos for the weekend, it would be awfully draining. If you are an adult and don’t get summer vacation – because you’re in the real world now – you know what limited time you have off should be spent relaxing and re-energizing. Try to stay local. Research nearby locations that can be reached by bus,train, or car, book a room for a couple of nights, and participate in the town’s activities. Whether it’s a nearby beach town or the countryside, stay close to home so travel is not what consumes most of your time.

4. Pack Only the Necessities, But also the Entertainment

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This is probably a little different than what most people would tell you to do. I still hear the echo of my parents’ voice telling me, “You’ve over-packed. You’ve definitely over-packed! You’re never going to wear any of that!” Well, they were probably right about the clothes. Be sensible when it comes to clothes. HOWEVER, bring entertainment! Books, cards, music, beach toys, etc. Even if you haven’t played Gin Rummy since you were 12, bring that deck of cards and play a game or two on the beach, by the pool, anywhere. After all, vacation is a time when you can feel like a kid again, right?

5. Relax

Beach Relax

This is straightforward enough. Just relax. Whether you’re taking a few days off or a few weeks off just make sure you get in some “Eat Pray Love” action. Eat whatever carbs you desire and be present in the moment. Don’t let your mind wander off to how much work you have to do when you get back, how many gym hours you will have to log in after those numerous margaritas, and simply immerse yourself in your well-deserved vacation.


Hopefully you have gotten a sense of the before, during, and after of your vacation musts. All that is left to do is start planning! With the start of summer and July 4th around the corner, we couldn’t think of better timing.


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