If anyone asks, I’ll be the first to admit it—I have a drinking problem. I’m not talking about alcohol, either. I’m talking about my best friend, coffee. I’m an insomniac with it and a dysfunctional zombie without it, and nothing makes me happier than being in a quaint coffee shop with a warm latte in my hands.

The ambience of coffeehouses and the smell of fresh coffee puts me at ease, so I’m always eager to check out local haunts whenever I’m on vacation. One of my all-time favorite places to visit is Southern California, where cute little coffee shops are as plentiful as the beaches. It’s hard to choose just five places in SoCal to get your java fix, but here are the five places to get coffee in SoCal that I think deserve the top spots:

1) Intelligentsia Coffee

If you’re a fellow coffee addict and you’re in the L.A. area, do yourself a favor and stop by Intelligentsia Coffee. Yes, sometimes the wait can be a little bit long, but it’s worth it. The baristas have expert knowledge of the menu, and you’ll leave with one of the smoothest lattes you’ll ever have the pleasure of drinking. There’s also plenty of outdoor seating, so feel free to bring along your four-legged friends.




2) Dripp

Located in Chino Hills, Dripp is another SoCal favorite thanks to its unique coffee brewing set up. Dripp is one of the few shops in SoCal that uses Oji drippers, a Japanese-style dripper for cold-brewed coffee, so you can be sure that your coffee will be brewed to perfection.  As if the delicious coffee isn’t enough, Dripp also features an ice cream station, handmade cookies and a variety of fresh pastries. My ice cream obsession could rival my coffee obsession, so that makes this place an instant favorite.




3) The Inn at Laguna Beach Specialty Coffee

I realize that this isn’t a coffeehouse, but it’s certainly worth a mention. You don’t need to be a guest at this inn to enjoy the Vittoria Coffee cart that they have outside on the weekends, which is the perfect pick-me-up after (or before) a day at the beach. Vittoria Coffee is Australia’s most renowned coffee roaster, and you won’t have to travel more than a few steps away from the beach just to have a taste.




4) Kean Coffee

When you picture what a coffee shop should look like, you probably picture something that looks similar to Kean Coffee. This isn’t just your everyday, run-of-the-mill coffee shop, however; this is a favorite among visitors and locals alike. The coffee is rich but not overpowering, and the atmosphere is perfect for reading, catching up with friends, or just people-watching if you’re into it.

Kean Coffee


5) Urth Caffe

For those who are more health-conscious, you’ll find the best organic coffee that SoCal has to offer at Urth Caffe. The store exclusively carries its own brand of 100% organic coffee, and the end result is a rich coffee that no other coffee can match. If you’re hoping to do a bit of star-spotting, this is also the place to be—celebs are known for frequenting the West Hollywood location.



What’s your favorite coffeehouse in SoCal?

Emily is a proud University of Florida alum and a passionate travel junkie. When she’s not planning her next big trip, you can find her at the beach with friends or playing with her golden retriever, Mia. She’s also a sucker for baby animals and will never turn down a nice glass of red wine. She loves meeting new people, so go ahead and reach out to her on Twitter @eculclasure.


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