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Asia has numerous exciting destinations which can present a daunting and challenging task when trying to decide on the perfect destination. Here are some ideas for destinations that are definitely worth visting.

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Thailand’s amazing capital, Bangkok, can be hectic so why not try Chiang Mai instead? Chiang Mai means “New City”, and although the city is far from new, it retains its names due to its beauty. The city showcases some of the most fascinating and indigenous cultural identity which include various dialects, delectable cuisines, spectacular architecture, amazing festivals, traditional values, handicraft workshops and much more. The city is rich with pristine natural resources such as mountains, rivers and wonderful waterfalls. However, its greatest tourist attraction are the various activities available including river rafting, hill tribe trekking and the famous elephant ride. Chang Mai is the perfect destination for both luxury tourists and backpackers to enjoy the ultimate Thailand holiday.

Penang, Malaysia


Penang is also known as the “Pearl of the Orient” and is the perfect place to relax, have wonderful meals and appreciate the tranquility it provides. The island has a rich Chinese heritage. There are numerous sites to view such as temples, museums, ancient ruins, preserved forests and spectacular beaches. The island is also often referred to as Malaysia’s food capital. Here, you get the opportunity to sample all the Indian, Chinese, and Malay delicacies. And for the shopping enthusiasts, there are many shopping malls, both big and small where you can get anything you may want as a souvenir from Malaysia.



This small south east city-state is notoriously spotless compared to other Asian Cities. The city has incorporated a handful of green spaces, bike friendly areas, and many linking skywalks connecting to various parks within the city that will make you forget the bustling metropolis. The city has a diverse population that includes Indian, Chinese, Malay and many foreign employees who have made the city their home. There are also numerous places to visit such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Artwork at Ritz-Carlton, the Chinatown Heritage Centre and many more. It is also worth noting that Singapore is the place for plastic surgery and various makeovers including non-surgical facelifts and Botox. Furthermore, Singapore offers a wide range of electronic gadgets at very affordable prices.

Goa, India


Goa is very different from India. This is because of its Portuguese rule that isolated it from the rest of India some centuries ago. Goa is synonymous with hedonism, hippies and all night dance parties that are held under the full moon. This seaside destination has rich and varied beaches that lie in the lush landscape concealing the ancient temples, the rich ecosystems and the hilly farmlands. It has its fair share of art galleries, museums, and libraries all at your disposal. You can be able to view various examples of Christian religious arts and some secular arts as well.

The Anjuna Flea Market is open every Wednesday and is a major tourist attraction. You can get a huge assortments of goods at very affordable prices. All you need to enjoy this part of the country is to get an Indian Visa and enjoy the life.

Where will you visit in Asia?


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