Everyone has been talking about it, everyone has been tweeting about it, and everyone has been freaking out about it. Ebola. The largest outbreak of Ebola is sweeping across West Africa, and the headlines across multiple news sources make it seem terrifying-and it can be, no doubt. The constant updates of articles on why we shouldn’t freak out, why we should freak out, and contradicting numbers are overwhelming. Especially since the virus spread to the US last week through a Dallas, Texas resident, who died the morning of October 8, people are going to be even more fearful of the deadly virus. These 4 articles are helpful in finding sense in the confusing and scary outbreak.

Ebola Q and A: Here’s what you need to know

CNN compiles a list of questions people have been having about the new airport temperature screenings, their dogs and Ebola, and how easy it is to catch the virus.

Some Ebola experts worry virus may spread more easily than assumed

LA Times’ headline is slightly misleading because in the article itself, they emphasize that Ebola cannot spread through the air. Furthermore, they state that unless a traveler on a flight already has symptoms, other passengers are not at risk. The article, however, also emphasizes the point that studies are premature and so the virus itself could change.

Ebola Came To America Last Week. Since Then: 5,000 False Alarms. Zero New Ebola Cases.

Forbes article talks about how Ebola false alarms in the United States have increased dramatically since Ebola came to the US. The article links to another article explaining why Ebola is beatable in the US. While that article reveals greater problems in the disparity between the US and other countries, the main point is that Ebola isn’t something to be terrified in the US currently. They also include this infographic, updated as of October 3.

ebola infographic

Why U.S. Is Reluctant to Issue Travel Ban on Ebola-Stricken West Africa

National Geographic explains multiple reasons why a travel ban wouldn’t work, but it also covers others’ opinions on why a travel ban should be in place. One of the alternative preventative measures would be to do temperature screenings which are starting in 5 major airports in the US.

The Ebola outbreak can be scary to think about. There are more recent cases happening outside of West Africa. In the US for now, it’s best to be worried but not scared. There are new updates everyday that you should read, but some of these are the most recent informing articles that cover a lot of the main points of the Ebola outbreak news.

 What do you think of the Ebola outbreak?



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