On September 4, 1888, George Eastman told buyers of his just-patented Kodak box camera, “You press the button, we do the rest.” That simple promise ushered in a new era in photography as more people than ever became able to document their daily lives and, more importantly, the weird sh*t they found on their travels.

So on the anniversary of the Kodak box camera (which, along with the miracle of modern travel, is responsible for giving us some of the most timeless images from around the world), we’ve decided to honor George Eastman’s legacy in a way that only Travel Freak could would: with a series of WTF travel pics that give new meaning to the term “Kodak moment.”

The are presented without explanation not because a picture is worth a thousand words, but because we have no idea what is going on in them:

[imagebrowser id=10]

Steven tried out for The Amazing Race one time and was denied. We're not saying this is why he started this site, but it may have been a contributing factor in his decision to explore the world online and share his travel inspiration with others.



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