It is getting closer to the time of year where it is near impossible to get out of your apartment on the weekend. The weather is getting cold, and suddenly a late night drinking fest doesn’t sound as fun as it used to now that it means you have to dig out all your winter clothes. Your bed is too cozy, your winter jacket is still packed away, and Netflix just added another TV series, so…clearly going out to the bars tonight isn’t an option.

If you can muster up the energy to make it to your kitchen and convince your friends to leave their own beds, then you should try these three winter drink recipes. These will keep you warm and put you in the winter spirit in the comfort of your PJs.

Rum Holiday Egg Nog via Cocktails About

We may complain about how signs of Christmas are out before Thanksgiving, but don’t deny your excitement when you saw Egg Nog on the shelves at the grocery store.

rum holiday egg nog thirsty thursday

Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate via Serious Eats

The recipe also includes chili, cinnamon, and mezcal. This hot chocolate is hot with the perfect amount of spice.

spicy aztec hot chocolate with chili, cinnamon, and mezcal

Irish Coffee via The Kitchn

This drink is always a classic when it comes to winter drinks. There are several versions Irish Coffee including Buena Vista, Irish Cream, and Bailey’s.

irish coffee

What will you drink to warm up this winter?

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