Every 4 years the world comes together to compete in one of the biggest rivalries known to man. Yes, you may be thinking of the seasonal Olympics, but remember, Sochi has already come and gone, taking with it its own controversial issues. Think a little harder. These age old games are even more universal than the Olympics, and probably cause more drama among fans than any other sport in the world. If you still haven’t gotten it, we are talking about the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

It doesn’t matter if you call it soccer or futbol, chances are the 2014 FIFA World Cup games have become a part of your every day conversation whether you like it or not. It is more than likely water cooler talk at work (do people even meet by the water cooler anymore?) or random people that you don’t really care to talk to will bring it up just to break the silence. If you are anything like me, than you probably have nothing to add to the conversation other than you know that the World Cup is happening, and it is in Brazil.

Well, fear not, because Travel Freak has uncovered an infographic that will help you say at least something to make it seem like you know anything about the World Cup. This infographic titled, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, generated by Shift and promoted by All Facebook   will provide you with a few factoids that will make it seem like you are an avid soccer/futbol fan. For example, wouldn’t you sound smarter saying, “Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo currently 84 million likes on Facebook?” instead of, “Oh my word, isn’t that Ronaldo character a fine specimen? He models right…” There tends to be a big difference when you rattle off numbers in your facts.

Check out the very helpful 2014 FIFA World Cup Infographic below!

2014 Fifa World Cup Infographic for FIFA World Cup [Infographic].jpg


Have you been watching the World Cup?


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