Can you name the most popular actor from your state, or distinguish the five geographical regions that make up America? If you’re a little rusty on your United States knowledge, these 15 maps really put everything in perspective.


1. States based on Google autocomplete results

google autocomplete united states map

Via Flip Collective

This map classifies states according to each state’s most popular Google autcomplete result.

2. States based on five geographic regions

america five regions midwest frontier

Image via Reddit

The Frontier region? Is that actually still a thing?

3. States based on residents’ desire to move to a different state

state residents desire to move to different state

Image via Gallup

Apparently residents of Montana, Hawaii, and Maine have the biggest state pride.

4. The most popular actor from each state

most popular actor united states

Image via Mandatory

Who’s the most popular actor in your state?

5. The most popular T.V. show set in each state

most popular tv show state

Image via Business Insider

Have you ever heard of half of these shows?

6. The most and least remembered states

most least remembered states map

Image via Washington Post

Is your state one of the most forgettable?

7. British opinions of each state

british stereotypes us states

Image via BuzzFeed

What do the Brits think of your state?

8. States’ proximity to Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and Russia

state proximity russia canada mexico cuba

Image via Reddit

How close do you live to these foreign countries?

9. Highest paid public employees in each state

highest paid public employee by state

Image via Deadspin

Sports coaches earn the highest salaries in all but 10 states.

10. States based on how they pronounce “caramel”

state pronuniation caramel map

Image via Business Insider

How do you pronounce caramel?

11. States rated by residents’ happiness

happiness united states

Image via USA Today

Alaskans sure do love Alaska!

12. Countries that have the same GDP as individual states

us state gdp map

Image via Reddit

This one really puts America’s wealth into perspective.

13. Most popular company of each state

most popular company each us state

Image via Jeff Patterson

Which company is your state known for?

14. This map puts Alaska’s vastness in perspective

alaska size versus us

Image via U.S. Marshals

Wow, Alaska is huge.

15. The most popular movie set in each state

most popular movie by state map

Image via Huffington Post

Have you seen your state’s most popular movie?

Which map best describes your state?

Tucker is a junior at Fordham University studying Political Science and Art History. He enjoys food, historical nonfiction, and Netflix marathons.


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