One can define the country of Turkey as astonishing, mysterious, surprising, unexpected, extraordinary and magical. Turkey, with significant Geo-strategic importance is surrounded by eight countries; Iraq and Syria to the southeast, Bulgaria to the northwest, Georgia to the northeast, Greece to the west and Armenia and Iran to east. It has a vast diversity in its culture that is a fusion of a variety of elements of Ottoman (Islamic and Greco-Roman Cultures), Western, Anatolian, etc.

Not to mention the food: “Turkish Cuisine which is solely based on Ottoman cuisine, is a beautiful blend and enhancement of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Central Asian (rich in vegetables and herbs) and Balkan cuisines (wide use of fish).”

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Turkey, here are 10 places you absolutely have to visit.

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One of the most magical places in Turkey, with an inspiring history. In Instanbul it will be love at first sight. Is it also the only city located between two continents:. Europe and Asia. This metropolitan city is one of the most visited tourist spots and popular attractions include The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, The Galata tower, The Grand Bazaar, Pera palace Hotel, and Spice Bazaar: the largest and highest Cevahir Mall in the Europe.


As far as historic places go, you must visit this area. It was built in tribute to those who lose their lives in the First World War.


An almost imaginary landscape well renowned for its white terraces made of travertine.  One can see the interesting remains of temples, baths, Greek monuments and much more. Before you go, don’t forget to swim in the white diff pools.

Hagia Sophia:

A sixth century cathedral built for the Roman Emperor Justinian 1. The massive dome covering the largest enclosed space in the world is truly a masterpiece representing beside the mark Roman Engineering.

Aspendos Theatre:

If you are visiting Turkey you must visit the Aspendos Theatre. It was constructed in 155AD, during the rule of Roman Emperor and is the world’s largest theatre with 15,000 to 20,000 seats.

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Patara Beach:

If you want to relax a bit and enjoy sports like beach Volleyball then this sandy beach is a perfect place to turn to.


If you love thrilling sports like Paragliding then this pint sized village located on the southwest coast is a must visit because of its distinctive panoramic views.

Pierre Loti Café:

After visiting the Egypt Sultan Mosque, most visitors turn to this café situated at the summit of the mount to relax. It is a good place for tea, coffee, ice cream and offers a fantastic view of Golden Horn.

Kackar Mountains:

This vibrant area with striking mountains all around is the perfect place to relish some of the more adventurous sports like trekking, white water rafting and cycling.


This Gateway city is the rapidly growing epicenter of both modern Turkish culture and ancient history. The perfect city for a majestic getaway.

Where is your favorite place to visit in Turkey?

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