Marrakech is the cultural center of Morocco, making it a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. I know part of the reason I’m dying to see Morocco is because I’ve seen Lawrence of Arabia way too many times (much of the film was shot in Morocco), but there’s still plenty to see. The best time to go is from September to May, avoiding any of the extreme heat (and the high season of tourism). Full of history and culture, Marrakech is one of the most popular tourist spots in all of Morocco. The Koutoubia Mosque is its most recognizable landmark, and characterizes only some of its amazing architecture. Spend a peaceful day in the Majorelle Garden, or overwhelm your senses with the bright colors that characterize the city, as well as the spices and oils you can buy in the souks. Navigating through the maze of the city and finding plenty of things to buy makes this a shopaholic’s paradise (can someone please book me my ticket?) For those craving some stunning sites, a 45 minute drive to the Ourika Valley to see the High Atlas Mountains will leave you in awe. At the end is the Stti Fatmia village, where a trail leads to seven waterfalls. Marrakech literally means “the land of God,” and after looking at some of these pictures, you’ll see why.

1. Lamps and Lanterns

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2.  Koutoubia Mosque

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3. Blue Steps

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4. Menara

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5.  La Mamounia Hotel

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6. Tajine and Couscous

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7. Mint Tea

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8. Colours of Marrakech

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9. Taking a Walk

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10. Selfie in Riad Slitine

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