Cappuccino is the fancy cousin of your standard cup of coffee. It’s an Italian drink that is prepared with espresso, hot milk, and topped with a thick layer of steamed foam. Though this is now something people get on a daily basis at any coffee shop, the cappuccino has a history almost as rich as they taste. Here are some facts that you may not have known about the drink, including where it got its name from, and traditions that include this beverage around the world. Next time you decide to pick up a cappuccino, you’ll know a bit more history about the beverage you’re ordering.

1. The word ‘cappuccino’ came from a religious order,

The Capuchin friars, that brought Catholicism back to Reformation Europe. Its Italian name came from the long, pointed cowl, or cappuccino, derived from cappuccio, “hood,” that was worn as part of the order’s habit. In Italian, cappuccino went on to describe espresso coffee mixed or topped with steamed milk or cream, so called because the color of the coffee resembled the color of the habit of a Capuchin friar.

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