In life, and especially when traveling, you can’t be too consumed with the idea that danger lurks behind every corner — worry and apprehension are the enemies of the travel experience and should be left at home. That is, unless you happen to find yourself in one of the ten deadliest cities in the world. Then maybe you should sleep with one eye open.

The video below ranks these dangerous locations based on murders per 100,000 inhabitants, and with the lowest murder rate being 78.04 it’s obvious that these places are not all sunshine and daffodils. Nothing about these statistics is uplifting, but there is some consolation in the fact that the majority of the cities on the list aren’t really places the average traveler would choose to spend a holiday. Two locations, however, stand out as destinations some globetrotters might want to think twice about visiting: the metropolitan capital city of Caracas, Venezuela holds a steady place in the rankings, and popular spring break spot Acapulco, Mexico easily makes the top five.

It should also be noted that all ten of the deadliest cities in the world are in Central and South America (primarily thanks to the drug trade), but I’ll let you analyze the implications of that yourself after watching the video:

10 Deadliest Cities


Would you consider visiting one of the deadliest cities in the world?

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  1. Yeah, so I’ve been to Acapulco and Juarez. I’m shocked that Nuevo Laredo, Mexico didn’t make the top ten. Thanks for freaking me out a little this afternoon. 😉


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