Studies have shown that humans and dolphins actually have a lot in common, psychologically, behaviorally, and societally. Except they are likely actually smarter, but you know. It’s probably why we have a mutual curiosity of each other which always ends in awe inspiring friendships. There are countless stories of pods of dolphins coming to the rescue of a swimmer in distress to keep them above water or even protect them from predators, and it’s also not uncommon to hear of boaters strapping on a life vest and hopping into the sea at the sight of a dolphin caught in a dangerous net. There is no question that we care about each other. This is most likely why the trend of visiting dolphins in their wild and natural habitats instead of the prison tubs some people call theme parks is always moving up in travel and vacation destination popularity. Why anyone would choose to pay and support kidnappers who keep them in abusive conditions instead of putting that money towards a rad vacation out to New Zealand where you can simply go to the local beach and mingle with tons of happy and free dolphins is beyond me. For all of the travel freaks out there who are looking to head into the deep blue and make some new friends in the way they were meant to be, check out 10 of the best places around the world to watch, study or even swim with wild dolphins.

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