electric zoo

Labor Day Staycation: Electric Zoo in New York

As you may know, Travel Freak is a big fan of music festivals, especially if they take you to a destination you've never been...
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Traveler Tip: Adopt a Museum

MUSEUM MONDAY People travel for many reasons, but paramount among them is the desire to become better acquainted with another culture. This is evidenced by...
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#FriFotos: Floral Photos of Ibiza

Every Friday on Twitter is an event in the travel community called #FriFotos, where travelers share their favorite photos based on a predetermined theme. I...

Drink a Michelada for Cinco de Mayo

THIRSTY THURSDAY It's been a while since we've featured an alcoholic drink from somewhere around the world, and for good reason -- we were worried...
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5 Best Burgers in NYC for National Burger Month

The month of May is jam packed with American holidays: we've got the festive fetishization of Mexican culture known as Cinco de Mayo, the...

10 Best Travel Games to Take on the Road

Whether by plane, train, or automobile, being in transit on your way out of town can be mind-numbingly boring depending on the length of...