#TravelProblems, As Told by Chelsea Handler Gifs


February 25th is Chelsea Handler’s birthday. Writer, producer, and host of her own show on E!, Chelsea Lately, Handler has given us some serious pearls of wisdom packed with sass. Handler’s known for her upfront, honest comedy, where she has no problem speaking her mind. We can’t all  be as upfront and honest about everything, and pull it off like she can. Now, you might find yourself in some situations when you’re traveling that you’ll want to say what’s on your mind, but it might be best not to. You know that there are some travel problems that are unavoidable, and can possibly happen on any trip.

1. When someone brings their kids to packed museums

or to any other tourist spot where the silence is part of the beauty:


gif via Tumblr

2. When your friends try planning every aspect of your daily itinerary for the trip…


gif via Tumblr

3. When you don’t have more of a response to the question, “So, what do you like to do when you’re back in (where ever you’re from)?”


gif via Tumblr

4. When your friends want to take a picture in front of a landmark or museum that you really don’t want to take:


5. When you’re stuck on a long line in the airport, and it feels like you’re waiting for eternity just to get your baggage checked:


gifs via Tumblr

6. When you have to pay an unexpected fee for baggage or for another service that you probably won’t even need:


gif via Tumblr

7. When you’re traveling into a different time zone,

and you never fully can get on their time schedule so you want to sleep all day and stay up all night, or go to sleep at 4 in the afternoon:


gif via Tumblr

8. When you get early morning wake up calls to go on a tour/excursion you don’t want to go on:


gif via Tumblr

9. You accidentally packing way too much clothes, and end up not knowing how to bring everything back home:


gif via Tumblr

10. When bad weather ruins your plans:


gif via globalgrind

For a read, check out No One Puts Baby in Parentheses, where she wrote a response to an article written in a New York Times piece called “Bullish on Boyish” by Bill Carter. Lately’s response is witty, poignant, and pretty badass over all. #TeamChelseaHandler.

What are your #travelproblems?