20 Epic Spiral Staircases To Make Your Architectural Travel Dreams Come True


The earliest evidence of spiral staircases is in a temple in Sicily that was thought to be constructed around 480–470 BC, and I don’t feel that I’m exaggerating when I say, and they’ve been super popular pretty much ever since. Spiral staircases have been a center piece feature of just about every architectural era, and we still just cannot get enough of them. Many travelers will happily go out of their way to visit a specific town or city just because they’ve been made aware of a specific building that is said to have one specific crazy rad spiral staircase. We carry this obsession as a human species, spiral staircases know no national or cultural bounds, they are prevalent in everything from religious structures, to houses, to castles and palaces, to schools, to libraries and government buildings, to lighthouses… basically any building that has multiple floors, there’s a pretty good chance that if it doesn’t have a spiral staircase, everyone wishes it did. They take our breath away (sometimes literally, you know, fitness, climbing, always worth it though). Not only are they an art in their own existence but they basically also have their own genre of photography these days too. These 20 examples are sure to have you totally rescheduling your next trip itinerary to include a visit. 

1. Bory Castle, Hungary

bory castle

Photo via Places To See In Your Lifetime

2. Queen’s House, UK

tulip stairs

Photo via Places To See In Your Lifetime

3. Vatican Museums, Vatican


Photo via Naoto Tsujimoto

4. Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia

ljubliana castle

Photo via Sarah Freeman

5. Canton Tower, China (world’s longest spiral staircase)

canton tower

Photo via Spider Walk

6. Baron’s Palace, Egypt


Photo via Stolen Camera

7. Contarini del Bovolo, Italy

palazzo contarini

Photo via Travel Blog

8. Quinta de Regaleira, Portugal

quinta da regaleira

Photo via Victor Travel Blog

9. Chateau de Blois, France

chateau de blois

Photo via Atlas Obscura

10. Bóbila Almirall, Australia


Photo via Atlas Obscura

11. The Great Mosque of Samarra, Iraq

The Great Mosque of Samarra

Photo via Atlas Tours

12. The Magic Circle, UK

magic staircase

Photo via Tony Antoniou 

13. Melk Abbey, Austria

stift melk

Photo via Kevin Jones

14. San Francisco’s Tiled Steps, USA

(Okay so it has spirals ON it but it’s neat looking so it still counts)

tiled steps

Photo via Oddee

15. The Lighthouse, Scotland


Photo via Twisted Sifter

16. Castle Hartenfels, Germany

Castle Hartenfels

Photo via The Roosevelts

17. Eckmuhl Lighthouse, France


Photo via The Roosevelts

18. Vizcaya Museum, USA


Photo via The Roosevelts

19. Cottbus University Library, Germany

library stairs

Photo via Yet Another Photo Blog

20. Heal’s, UK


Photo via Places To See In Your Lifetime

Which spiral staircase is your favorite?



  1. These are amazing! I’ve seen only one in person and that was at the Vatican. I once read about a hotel in Iceland that has a really cool staircase. Wish I had written the name of it down so I could visit someday.

    • Was it maybe the Radisson Blu 1919 hotel or the ice staircase of the Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls? Those are both supposed to be pretty amazing.